Experiencing a Dental Emergency? Call (219) 755-0045 at once!


We understand that dental emergencies always appear unannounced. And so, at Merrillville Dental Center, we offer same-day appointments and other emergency care services. 

Different Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies can happen at any time, and when they do, it’s important to seek treatment right away. Some common reasons for seeking emergency dental care include the following:

Toothache: A toothache can indicate anything from minor damage to tooth decay to an infection in the tooth pulp. After a quick examination to determine the source of the pain, your dentist will administer the appropriate treatment to help you feel better fast.

Knocked-out tooth: If you or your child have experienced trauma to the face, there’s a good chance you’ve also lost a tooth. If the tooth is too damaged to save, we will gently remove the tooth from the socket before replacing the tooth with a dental implant that looks natural.

Broken dental crowns or fillings: If a filling or crown falls out, it’s best to see us as soon as possible so you can avoid complications like pain, infection, or further damage. It’s also important to see us quickly so we can repair your smile in as little time as possible.\

Call (219) 755-0045 immediately if you are experiencing any dental emergency!

Don’t ever put aspirin on your tooth or gums to try to relieve pain. This can cause major damage to your mouth, including burns and permanent scarring on the gum tissue. It’s always best to contact a dentist to discuss your symptoms and get the help you need. For more information, schedule a consultation by calling our office today! We provide comprehensive dental care for patients of all ages in the Merrillville area.

During A Dental Emergency

Dental emergencies can be frightening as they often occur when you least expect them. It’s natural to feel panicked when faced with an emergency, but it is important to stay calm so you can gain control of the situation. Stay calm by taking slow, deep breaths and speaking with your dentist over the phone. Before you head in for your emergency appointment, create a plan of action with your dentist and other household members so you’ll know what to do in the waiting room while you wait.

If you are experiencing a dental emergency, contact us at (219) 755-0045 at your earliest convenience to get the help you need right away!


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